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ELDERBERRIES: Pre-School room: 3 – 5 Years

rope Nursery

Our Elderberries

Children take a conscious lead in their learning

Elderberries: 3 years to 5 years

A fantastic space with lots of natural light,  and with two access points to the garden the children have masses of free flow access to the outdoor areas. As children move into the Elderberries they follow a structured daily routine based on the EYFS  enabling them to develop new skills. This routine encourages them to become independent, taking a more conscious lead in the structure of their play. They serve themselves at mealtimes and clear their own cutlery and plates. Using children’s interests and learning through play we teach them how to mark make using a tool correctly, how to solve a conflict independently, we help them to learn why it is important to share, how to dress themselves etc. These are vital skills to prepare them for the big move to school and life beyond. They have their own loo block and direct access to the children’s kitchen for supervised cooking activities.


There is also a ‘quiet room’ and, as with all the spaces in the nursery, we vary the environment as much as we can to create different and interesting spaces that change and grow all the time. Throughout the nursery we ensure that there are plenty of age appropriate and carefully chosen books available freely to the children. We encourage them to be excited by the prospect of reading and, as they come into the Elderberries, to begin to take the first steps towards numeracy and literacy. In this age of technology it is vital that our children are also computer literate. We have a fantastic computer area specifically for the Elderberries so that we can ensure that they are as confident with modern learning tools as with traditional ones. We have used accents of the colour purple in this room, “associated with wisdom and spirituality, purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red.” * Perfect for growing, learning Elderberries!

Information Source  * June McLeod – Colour Expert author of ‘Colours of the Soul’ ** Naomi Coe & Gerri Panebianco of ‘Little Crown’