At Bitterne Park, our Strawberry and Blueberry children have been exploring lots of sensory activities. The children have been interested in farm animals and the noises they make. The farm animals have been helping the children to make lots of foots prints in their sensory activities! ...

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4 days ago

The Mulberry Bush

Locks Heath
Raspberries have recently been making developments to their upstairs environment and their sensory room.
The children have loved using the sequin frames to make marks and explore the different textures on the wall.
They have also been showing lots of interest in dressing up and occupations which enabled us to change our role play area to include a Police and Fire station as well as a doctors surgery.
This links in with our British Values and has opened up lots of conversations about people who help us and what their role are within our communities.

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4 weeks ago

The Mulberry Bush

Did you know you can purchase a Mulberry Bush Cap? Our caps now come in Legionnaire style to protect the back of the neck from sun. You can pick up a cap from the offices at the cost of £5 which can be added to your invoice.

We like to think they're practical as well as stylish...wouldn't you agree?

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Welcome to the Mulberry Bush

The Mulberry Bush nurseries provide premium daycare for babies, toddlers and young children in Southern Hampshire.

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