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Healthy Choices

The heart of our nursery is the kitchen, both literally and figuratively. All of our rooms flow around this fundamental central point. At the Mulberry Bush we are totally committed to healthy eating from when our babies start weaning. Our children are able to sample different tastes and textures while enjoying healthy, homemade meals and snacks which will lay the foundations for an understanding and enjoyment of healthy eating, hopefully forever!

“Healthy eating and physical activity are essential for proper growth and development in childhood. To help children develop patterns of healthy eating from an early age, it is important that the food and eating patterns to which they are exposed – both at home and outside the home – are those which promote positive attitudes to good nutrition. “

Eating well for under-5s in child care; Practical and nutritional guidelines. Second edition By Dr Helen Crawley 2006

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Welcome to The Mulberry Bush

The Mulberry Bush received our first Ofsted inspection in January 2014. We are thrilled with the report that the inspector made.

Please see the link below to take you directly to the full report.
Ofsted Report 2014

We are very excited to announce that the Mulberry Bush have won the Nursery World Award for Food 2017!! Please see our Healthy Choices section for further information on our menus and food and nutrition ethos.

NWA_blue2017 winner





We hope that you can find lots of information within our website that will give you a good idea of who we are and what we have to offer you and your children. But, if you have any further questions or would like to come and visit our nursery, please give us a call on 01489 583 130 or email us at We would be delighted to help you in any way that we can.


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An Environment To Thrive In

We believe that children will learn through everything they do provided it is fun! That is why we have developed each area of the Mulberry bush, both inside and out, to provide the children with the best tools to enjoy every aspect of their day and to expand their world in all directions, whatever activity they are immersed in. Children spend a lot of time in the nursery environment so we have made our spaces as flexible as possible. This ensures that we can vary their experience, keeping things fresh and stimulating and helping to extend their learning in every way.

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  • Stretched offer provides all year round benefit
  • 2 year old funding for eligible children
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