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We provide LOTS of messy play!


Raspberries: 2 years to 3 years.

The Raspberries’ room is bright and spacious allowing lots of room for active toddlers to take part in all sorts of activities. Working with the EYFS 7 areas of learning the different areas of play become more defined in Raspberries. Our construction, small world, mark making, mathematics, role play and home corners are well stocked and laid out to encourage the children to use each area fully and to move from one activity to another as their interest guides them. We provide lots of messy, sensory play such as painting, playdough, sand, water and gloop as well as other creative activities such as music and drama, allowing and encouraging  the children to experiment and explore.



The Raspberries room opens directly on to our outdoor play area allowing the Raspberries use free flow between the two spaces at various times throughout the day. The children particularly enjoy adventuring in the forest area, digging in the mud kitchen and improving their gross motor skills playing on the balance bikes. We provide a host of resources available to them to make outdoor play as varied and valuable as indoor play.

The Raspberries have their own loo block and access point into the sensory room as well as access to the children’s kitchen for supervised activities. For the Raspberries’ room we have used a beautiful, rich yellow to accent the space. Yellow has been found to “promote concentration and emotive thoughts”* and also help to create a sunny and bright environment to raise the spirits even on the greyest of days!
* June McLeod – Colour Expert author of ‘Colours of the Soul’