2 days ago

The Mulberry Bush

At Locks Heath this week the Elderberries have been developing their team work skills. These activities have been planned to encourage the children too communicate together while both working towards the same goal. We have been completing obstacle courses while transporting water, being careful not to spill any, placed balloons between our's and a friend's head, trying not too drop the balloon, and finally a team game where we transport a ball on some guttering, being careful not to drop the ball out of the guttering. All of the preschoolers loved these activities activities and not only developed their communication towards each other, but also improved their spacial awareness, caring and consideration towards others and developed our friendships together. ...

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7 days ago

The Mulberry Bush

At Bitterne Park, our Strawberry and Blueberry children have been exploring lots of sensory activities. The children have been interested in farm animals and the noises they make. The farm animals have been helping the children to make lots of foots prints in their sensory activities! ...

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1 week ago

The Mulberry Bush

Locks Heath
Raspberries have recently been making developments to their upstairs environment and their sensory room.
The children have loved using the sequin frames to make marks and explore the different textures on the wall.
They have also been showing lots of interest in dressing up and occupations which enabled us to change our role play area to include a Police and Fire station as well as a doctors surgery.
This links in with our British Values and has opened up lots of conversations about people who help us and what their role are within our communities.

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A committed, well qualified and inspired workforce.

May 9, 2018 11:05 am

At the Mulberry Bush we know that the very best facility we can provide the children with is a committed, well qualified and inspired workforce. A practitioner who is excited and passionate about supporting children can help them achieve their full potential better than anything else. Our practitioners work incredibly hard and show huge dedication to their roles. Being an early years practitioner is far more than just a job, it is a vocation and our team often spend their spare time researching and sharing ideas of exciting activities they would like to do at nursery and even making things at home that to bring in for the children. Acknowledging this outstanding work and commitment is very important to us, just saying 'thank you' and 'well done' is so simple but makes a big difference. Every month we like to make a formal acknowledgement of the two members of staff who we feel have really gone above and beyond in helping and supporting the children, their colleagues and the nursery in general. We have one vote cast by the staff and one cast by the management team. The two members of staff are each awarded vouchers to spend on themselves and we always encourage them to go and spoil themselves with a special meal out of something lovely just for them!

As well as this we provide all of our staff with gym membership as we feel that enabling them to take time for their own health and well being is vital to enable them to come to work energized and enthusiastic.

We also hold big staff parties twice a year (summer and Christmas) where we take the whole team out for a big night out! These are always great fun and a big boost for moral. We also encourage the teams in each age group to plan team building activities which we provide a budget for. These can be as simple as a meal out or as exciting as white water rafting!

As a developing company one of our great advantages is that the Mulberry Bush can offer ambitious staff members the opportunity to progress in their careers. We also do all that we can to enable practitioners to train in their specific areas of interest. If they are inspired then we want to encourage and support this. We know that it will quickly permeate not only that individuals practice but the whole of the nursery, and this will enrich the experience of all the children.