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The Mulberry bush Nurseries are headed by husband and wife team Oliver and Rachael Thomson. There are two Mulberry Bush nurseries, the first was opened in 2013 and is located in Locks Heath, near Southampton and Portsmouth, the second is in development and will be opening at the end of the summer 2017 in Bittern Park, Southampton.


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About the Mulberry bush

Oliver and I have three children; a little boy aged 8yrs and a little girl aged 4yrs (she was the first Mulberry bush baby!) and another little boy aged 1yr. When we started looking for nursery care for our eldest son we found that nurseries fell broadly into two brackets: those that were individually owned and, while frequently providing a caring approach, offered  little in the way of professional support or investment in facilities. Or, highly corporate institutions that were lacking in the intimacy and warmth that is essential for our children, especially in these very vulnerable first few years of their lives.  This planted a seed and over the following few years we developed our vision: Nurseries with a homely, caring and nurturing environment that will allow our children to grow and learn in safety and security, complemented by the highest quality and most current, facilities available. 


We then searched out the very best management team,  with a passion and commitment that is second to none, to help us to achieve this vision and the Mulberry bush was born.


As a working mother I understand well how complicated and difficult it is to balance your childcare with your working life. Only you can decide what works best for you, your children and your family. At the Mulberry bush we will always work with you to find the very best solution possible no matter what your situation. 

As a parent I understand that choosing a nursery for your child is hugely important and can be very daunting. We will help support you in this choice in any way we can.